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Student Opportunities

Minors under 16:


While our insurance stipulates that children under 16 are not allowed to work on a job site, there are still many ways for them to help. Age-appropriate activities for youth include: 

Ages 5-7

* Sing a song for the new homeowners at the home dedication
* Make thank you cards for volunteers and donors
* Collect cans and toiletries for the food pantry

Ages 7-10

* Learn about the environment and plant environmentally-friendly trees and gardens in Habitat neighborhoods
* Make wooden key holders, picture frames, or doorstops from scraps on site

Ages 10-12

* Speak to classmates about the mission of Habitat for Humanity
* Construct and paint birdhouses to be used for fundraisers
* Design a T-Shirt to be sold as a Habitat fundraiser

Ages 12-14

* Volunteer at the Learning Lab to teach students a new skill
* Learn about another country where Habitat builds, and design a fundraiser to sponsor a home there. 
* Make a scrapbook for the Partner Family
* Host a Lego home competition at your school - each group (different clubs, homerooms, friends, etc) build a Lego home. People vote for their favorite by putting money in a jar in front of each one. The home with the most money wins. All money is then donated to help build real homes for low income families. 

Ages 15-17

* Start a Habitat campus chapter
* Build picnic or lunch tables for the work site
* Clean a Habitat house before the dedication 


You can see more ideas on Habitat for Humanity International's Website!

College Students:


Are you looking to gain further experience in marketing, office administration or fundraising? College student are encouraged to volunteer at the Habitat main office. This is a great opportunity to enhance your resume while simultaneously aiding the community. Local colleges such as The College of New Jersey, Rider University, Princeton University and Mercer County Community College are a constant and important base from which Habitat for Humanity of Trenton recruits volunteers. 


Minors and College groups can also help with fundraisers. Car washes and Chili cook-offs have been fun, successful fundraisers put on by outside groups in the past.  Contact for more great fundraising ideas.

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