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This is an overview of the eligibility requirements to be a Habitat homeowner. To hear all the requirements, and to receive an application, please attend one of our monthly seminars. These are held on the fourth Saturday of each month, 10am-11:30am. Please see our calendar for location, or email for more information. 


To be eligible for a Habitat home, you must meet certain qualifications:

1) Meet income requirements: 

For our Trenton properties, you must make at least $38,000 for a family of 1, 2, or 3 people; $42,300 for 4 people; $46,700 for 5 people, and so on. 

The minimum will differ in other townships, but in Ewing, you must make at least $45,700 for a family of 1,2, or 3 people; $50,800 for 4 people; $54,900 for 5 people, and so on

2) Have a true need for a Habitat home. Examples include:

a. Poor condition of current shelter
b. Housing cost too high
c. Neighborhood unsafe

3) Be able to pay

a. You must be able to make monthly payments while doing your sweat equity to help pay your down payments. You then must be able to pay your mortgage every month.

4) Be willing to partner

a. All partners must be willing to agree to everything set forth in the Habitat Partner Family contract
b. Applicant must disclose all financial information, including employment verification, proof of income, tax returns, etc.
c. Finish 300 hours of sweat equity (working on your home, the home of other partners, at the ReStore, etc) and 6 education classes (learning about mortgage payments, insurance, home energy savings, maintenance, etc.) provided by Habitat for Humanity of Trenton with help from other community partners.

5) Be a US resident

a. You will need to show proof of United States residency.


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