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Becoming a first-time homeowner is very exciting. To date, Habitat of Trenton has built over 86 homes for local deserving families. Habitat of Trenton is committed to working with families to eliminate substandard housing throughout Mercer County.




If you would like to begin the process of becoming a homeowner, please come to an Application Seminar to learn more about the Habitat process and receive your application. 

Upcoming Seminars: 

Our next Seminar will be scheduled for the Spring of 2016 and held at 601 N. Clinton ave. Trenton, NJ. The seminar starts at 10:00 A.M and runs about an hour.

Email: for more information




Please note: In order for us to best assist you, please bring your past 2 pay stubs, 2 years of tax returns, W-2, copy of your photo ID, proof of citizenship (birth certificate or passport) and an estimate of your monthly expenses FOR EVERY PERSON ON THE MORTGAGE (For example, if you and your husband are applying together, we need information for both of you). It costs $50 (cash or money order) to submit your application, so we can process your credit report. 



For more information, contact or 609-393-8009 x228

If you are interested in becoming a homeowner, please visit the following pages to learn more about the 8 steps to being a partner family:

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