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Individual Donations

donate_carla.pngOnline: Your quick online gift will be put to work right away to build decent homes for families in need.  Click on the green button to start your donation to Habitat for Humanity of Trenton online via PayPal®.  It is the quick, easy and absolutely secure way to help Habitat for Humanity of Trenton complete it’s mission.

By Phone or Mail: If you wish not to donate online, but would still like to donate, you can call our office at (609)-393-8009 x226. If you wish to mail in your donation, please make your check payable to Habitat for Humanity of Trenton, and mail it to our office at 601 N. Clinton Ave. Trenton, NJ 08638.

Types of Individual Donations

Golden Hammer Club ¦ Celebration Gifts ¦ Matching Gifts ¦ Planned Giving ¦ Cars for Homes ¦ Stocks and Bonds

Property and Homes ¦ Building Materials and Tools ¦ In-Kind ¦ Host an Event


Golden Hammer Club


We encourage our donors to be apart of the Golden Hammer Club. All donors who set up a monthly contribution via Pay-Pal® will become a member. Any size monthly commitment will make a difference in the life of a family. For more information, contact Lacreda Riley at or call 609-393-8009 x226 




Celebration Gifts


As you plan gifts for family and friends this year, consider a gift that keeps on giving long after the wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, holiday or other special event of memorial. Upon receipt of your contribution, we will send an acknowledgement card indicating that you have made a gift to Habitat for Humanity of Trenton in honor of or in memory of the person you are celebrating. For more details on these loving gifts, contact Lacreda Riley at or call 609-393-8009 x226 




Matching Gifts


Ever wish you could multiply your gift to Habitat for Humanity of Trenton? Now you CAN! Thousands of companies have Matching Gifts programs which double or even triple individual, tax-deductible contributions by their employees. Ask your personnel office about your company's Matching Gifts program. Do set up your matching gifts program, contact Lacreda Riley at or call 609-393-8009 x226




Planned Giving


Many of our partners support Habitat for Humanity of Trenton through planned gifts, which qualify for significant tax deductions. Giving options include bequest, charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts. To find out how you can financially benefit Habitat for Humanity of Trenton and provide a lasting legacy, contact Tom Caruso at: or call  609-393-8009 x223





Cars for Homes


Donate your old car to Habitat for Humanity of Trenton and help fund a new affordable home! Your used car or truck might just help a family build the home and life they have dreamed about. All vehicles are welcome. Care for Homes accepts cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles and construction equipment. Vehicles are accepted whether they run or not. Please visit our Cars for Homes page for more information. For any questions about donating a vehicle, contact Lacreda Riley at or call 609-393-8009 x226



Stocks and Bonds:


A charitable gift of stocks or bonds provides an opportunity for tax savings while generously sharing with others.  A gift of stock owned for more than one year entitles you to a charitable deduction for the full market value at the time the gift is made.  If the stock has appreciated, you also avoid a capital gains tax on the appreciation.  I addition to helping HFH of Trenton, you may diversify away from low-basis, long-term holdings into other assets that will better suit your current needs.  If you would like to discuss a gift of stocks or bonds, please call Lacreda Riley in our Development office at or call 609-393-8009 x226​ 



Property and Homes:

thumb_property.jpgWe can’t build homes without land to build on, so HFH of Trenton will accept donations of property and homes.  Please note that not all homes or property may be appropriate for our purposes.  If that is the case, we may be willing to sell or auction off the property and use the proceeds to build homes, or we may have to decline the offer.  Donating or discounting land to HFH of Trenton is an excellent way to help us build homes particularly in the area in which we live.  Tax benefits can be an excellent fit for some donors. To learn more, please contact Lacreda Riley at or call 609-393-8009 x226​ 



Building Materials and Tools


HFH of Trenton can use most kinds of building materials.  All materials must be in excellent condition.  We will provide a receipt indicating the materials or tools donated.  It is up to you to assess the value of the donation for tax purposes. If you can contribute any building materials or tools, please contact our Construction Coordinator, Dan Santa Lucia at or call 609-393-8009 x260​ 





Gifts in Kind:


Material gifts and donated services are always appreciated. Both gifts are tax-deductible. If you are interested in giving a gift of windows, doors, cabinets, paint, wood trim, or other essentials, please contact our construction coordinator Dan Santa Lucia at 609-393-8009 x260. We are also grateful for skilled construction services such as certified plumbers, electricians, dry wall installers, and HVAC installers.  If you have a service to offer our construction staff, please contact Dan Santa Lucia at or call 609-393-8009 x260 


Host an Event



Want to help Habitat but don’t want to swing a hammer?  Here are some great fundraising events that folks have done to help end poverty housing in our community:



- Host a house party — invite your friends and a spokesperson from Habitat to share some information about our builds, our ReStore and our families.

- Give a concert to benefit Habitat

- Have a dance-a-thon

- Host a 5K race

- Sponsor a health fair and give $1.00 for each mile walked.

There are many creative ways to help Habitat for Humanity of Trenton raise the funding it needs to help families acquire simple, decent homes.  Contact Lacreda Riley at or call 609-393-8009 x226 for more ideas.


These donations make up a large percentage of the incoming funds for Habitat for Humanity of Trenton. There are many different ways for you to contribute, so please look over the following programs to see how your contribution can make the greatest impact. Thanks to support from people like you Habitat for Humanity of Trenton has been helping low-income working families defy incredible odds and become homeowners.


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