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Faith & Community Groups

Thanks to support from people like you Habitat for Humanity of Trenton has been helping low-income working families defy incredible odds and become homeowners. The best ways to continue to donate are:



Community Contributions: As an ecumenical Christian housing ministry, Habitat for Humanity of Trenton is founded upon the principle that people of all faiths should be provided an opportunity to live in a decent and affordable home.  We welcome people of all backgrounds, races and religions to build houses together in partnership with families in need.  From these partnerships, a network of lasting friendships and a sense of community is created. 


There are several ways Faith & Community groups can contribute:

House Sponsorship:


House sponsors are critical partners in helping Habitat for Humanity of Trenton build affordable home ownership opportunities. The sponsorship will help cover a portion of the cost of construction.  According to the level of sponsorship, there are various benefits involved. Check out the Sponsor a Home page to see the different levels of House sponsorship and the different benefits of each level. For any questions, contact Lacreda Riley at or 609-393-8009 x226



Event Sponsorship:

Several times a year Habitat for Humanity of Trenton holds event to raise funds to meet operating and construction costs.  Faith and community groups can assist with such programs by agreeing to help underwrite an event.  Such sponsorships offer ways to become a part of our mission and help those in need. For more information on sponsoring an event, contact Lacreda Riley at or 609-393-8009 x226


Monthly Donation:

Sign up for the Golden Hammer Club to support Habitat for Humanity of Trenton each month with an automatic donation.  Call Lacreda Riley at or 609-393-8009 x226 for more information.


What are the benefits of your group partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Trenton? 

A chance to give back! Your organization will become part of the positive solution for community revitalization across Mercer County. Your organization will be helping to build a simple, decent and affordable house with a family who would not ordinarily be able to afford their own.  You will be helping turn this dream of owning a house into a wonderful reality for a low-income family. Building a Habitat house will give your organization a chance to shine in the public’s eye and show everyone how committed your organization is to giving back to the community. If you would like to learn more, please contact Lacreda Riley at or call 609-393-8009 x226






There are many creative ways to help Habitat for Humanity of Trenton raise the funding it needs to help families acquire simple, decent homes. Contact Lacreda Riley at or call 609-393-8009 x226 for more ideas.

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