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Meet our homeowners!




Tashawn's family 

Tashawn and her two children (pictured left), a son and daughter, are Habitat's most recent Partner Family to move into their new home. After a few setbacks throughout the year, Tashawn and he kids are excited to finally be moved into their Bloomberg-sponsored home. Both children stay active in events put on by the East Trenton Center, and are very excited when they tell people which bedroom they chose, and what color they want it to be painted. 








​Ana and Karla's Family

Ana, her daughter Karla, and Karla's three sons (Jose, pictured here, is the oldest son) have recently been accepted into the program as well. Jose is a great artist, and loves making thank you cards for the volunteers who will be helping to build his home. He said he cant wait to have a new bedroom, but that his little brother is most excited for a bathroom with a real floor, instead of the raw-wood in their current apartment. 







Gerrymar's Family

Gerrymar is our most recently accepted Partner Family. Gerrymar, her mother, and her 8 month old daughter are currently living in a one bedroom apartment in a very dangerous neighborhood. Gerrymar is a hard worker, and wants a safe place to raise her daughter, as well as a home she can call her own. 








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